Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seraphic Secret Reviews Twice the Marrow

It was Robert Avrech, a Hollywood screenwriter, who inspired me to start this blog when he began blogging about the loss of his son Ariel. Robert reviewed my memoir last week in his blog, Seraphic Secret. Here's the review:

And Twice the Marrow of Her Bones is the profoundly touching memoir of a mother who lost her young daughter, Timora, to cancer.

Avitzour lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children. Her memoir is driven by a unique narrative voice. The support of her community and unique synagogue—Kehillat Yedidya, a liberal modern Orthodox congregation—are powerful reminders that sharing joy, sorrow and tragedy is how we endure the vicissitudes of life.

The life and character of Timora are exquisitely rendered. Timora is young, bright, creative and deeply compassionate, even as Leukemia does its terrible work. Through a mother's voice, personal diaries, and Timora's poetry, Seraphic Secret is left with the powerful wish that we would have had the pleasure of knowing Timora when she was a presence on this earth.

Timora's radiant character can be gleaned from one of her unfinished poems:

To live this moment
To breathe this time
Not to think what the future will bring, if at all
Not to remember what hurt, what was missed, what was lost
To enjoy the here and now.

I thank Robert very, very much for his kind words.

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