Saturday, April 02, 2011

More Kind Words About My Memoir

Writers I know, especially authors of books, have told me that one reason they write is to start a conversation with people who read their work. I feel the same. I definitely see my writing as a way of reaching out; in particular, when I write I hope to initiate emotionally meaningful communcation with my readers. And so I'm always very gratified when (and this has happened many times), people tell me that my memoir (or, for that matter, anything else I've written, including posts for this blog) spoke to them personally and deeply.

Further to my recent post about Haim Watzman's reactions to my book, which he posted in the blog "South Jerusalem," Linda Gradstein, a former correspondent and current contributor to NPR (National Public Radio, for those of you who are unfamiliar), has also written very kind words about my memoir, and consented to have them publicized:

“In clear, moving prose, Susan teaches us all how to handle a burden that seems more than one person can bear. I couldn't put the book down. Sometimes it made me cry, sometimes laugh, and always it made me think. It is one of those books that you want to pass on to a friend as soon as you finish it.”

I'm grateful to Linda and to everyone else who has taken the time and effort to review Twice the Marrow publicly, or to express their reactions to me privately.

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